Low intensity, longer duration exercise that temporarily increases heart rate as a means to improve the efficiency of oxygen consumption by the body.

Relating to the phase of metabolism where simple substances are transformed or synthesized into complex materials of living tissue.

High intensity, shorter duration exercise that primarily uses glucose rather than oxygen.

Concentric Contraction
Also called the “positive” movement. The contraction of a muscle against gravity, such as pressing a barbell upward during a bench press or pulling the lat bar downward during a pulldown.

FlexDeck® Select
Patented by Life Fitness, this feature allows the user to choose between 3 firmness settings for their signature cushioning system.

Forced Reps
Extra repetitions of an exercise assisted by a spotter who bears some of the weight.

Heart Rate
Heart rate is measured by counting how many times your heart is pumping blood per minute

My Workouts™
Designed by Life Fitness, these are personalised workout memories that allow you to save your settings for your favourite programs. You can also edit each My Workout name for different workouts or users.

Range of Motion (ROM)
Refers to the limits of motion of the joints and muscles associated with an exercise.

The large three-part muscle that runs along the back of the upper arm.