When you want to develop a custom workout, few tools are as effective as free weights. To avoid damage to yourself, your weights, and your clients, it’s worth investing in robust racks and cages. At Exagym, our selection of half racks and full racks are tough enough to accommodate all types of weights. Whether you’re creating a personal workout space at home or you’re a personal trainer trying to give your clients the best fitness experience, you won’t feel disappointed with our products.

The benefits of investing in a full rack or half rack
Full racks, sometimes known as power racks, will prevent you from encountering an injury if you fall in the middle of a move. Let’s say you’re lifting a barbell and pushing yourself, but when you come toward the end of your set you begin to fall forwards. Rather than letting gravity take its toll, you can use a power rack to catch the weight, which should then reduce your risk of injury.

While power racks have greater strength and can support a broader range of movements, half racks are excellent when you need to save space. As they’re smaller, you won’t need to dedicate as much of your gym to them. Additionally, they’re ideal when all you intend to do is repeated overhead presses. If your muscles start to buckle, having something that will catch your weights can prevent shoulder, neck, and back injuries.

Why come to Exagym for your racks and cages?
At Exagym, we appreciate the importance of safety. Because of this, we stock racks and cages from leading brands such as Bodysolid and Bodyworx. If you’re not sure what you want to buy, you can talk to our knowledgeable staff. With years of experience serving personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts alike, we’re adept at pointing people in the right direction.

To find the perfect full rack or half rack for your gym, contact us.