Are you ready to up your game on the cross fit front? At Exagym, we stock one of the most impressive ranges of assault air bikes in Australia. As a tool that’s ideal for HIIT workouts, rehabilitation, and joint injury prevention, the assault air bike is becoming increasingly popular at gyms throughout Australia. Whether you’re a personal trainer or your building your gym at home, we’re here to explain what these bikes do and how they’ll aid your workout.

What makes Assault Air Bikes different?
Unlike standard stationary bikes, Assault Air Bikes engage the use of your arms and legs. As a result, the workout is more intense, providing you with a full-body exercise.

These bikes also use wind resistance to make your workout more challenging. The harder you drive the pedals or push the handlebars, the more resistance you’ll get. Essentially, this means resistance increases on the fly without having to stop and tweak it.
Because of the Assault Air Bike’s resistance and full-body workout features, it’s perfectly suited to interval training. Although many people traditionally associate it with HIIT, you can use the bike for joint rehabilitation and support when you’re recovering from an injury. This makes them one of the more versatile pieces of equipment you can use as a personal trainer.
Using Assault Air Bikes for Crossfit

As the Official bike of the Crossfit Games, the Assault Air Bike is perfectly suited to Crossfit style interval workouts. Although HIIT is used in these style workouts, your aim should be to break through your mental barriers and push yourself as hard as you can at each interval. An example of a good Crossfit workout would be 10 intervals of 20 seconds at your fastest possible speed, followed by 10 seconds of recovery.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using your Assault Air Bike to warm up and cool down for other elements of your Crossfit training. It’s an excellent tool when you’re aware of your body’s limitations and what it requires to prepare for and recover from workouts.

Upping your approach to HIIT
When you want to help your clients work towards higher HIIT standards, assault air bikes can produce significant progress. Their natural tendency to generate more resistance means that they’ll continuously challenge your clients, without them realising it. As a result, they may not face as many mental blocks when they’re pushing themselves harder.
Unlike cross fit, your approach to using these bikes for HIIT doesn’t need to zero in on pushing clients as hard as they can go. Instead, aim for 80% of their maximum heart rate during the high intensity periods. Similarly to cross fit, you can push them for 30-second periods and then allow them to cool down. Depending on your client’s progress so far, you may want to start them off with longer intervals before bringing them down to 30-second rest periods.

A bike for rehabilitation and joint support
Although it may seem surprising that a tool that pushes you to your limits is good for rehabilitation, it really does work wonders. How does the bike achieve this? It allows you to isolate joints in a dedicated space while moving them in a fluid, balanced, and supported motion.

If your clients have an injury that feels better when they’re standing, they can use the assault air bike to exercise accordingly. Unlike with running, they don’t need to put up with sharp shocks that reverberate from their lower extremities and through to their knees and hips. This means they can achieve a similar workout to running, without exacerbating any joint injuries in their lower limbs.
Depending on the type of bike you purchase, you may find that yours comes with stationary pedals to the side. This allows your clients to work their upper body, while experiencing resistance that builds continually. Such features are excellent for the more extreme lower joint injuries that prevent people from exercising.

Finally, using a combination of your knowledge and your client’s intuition, you can position them during workouts so that problematic joints receive adequate support. Thanks to the bike’s structure, they can continue with their usual cardio routine during their recovery period.

Why choose ExaGym for your air assault bike?
At ExaGym we offer one of the broadest selections of air assault bikes in Australia. We also support our customers with rapid delivery. If you live in the Sydney Metro area, you’ll receive your bike within one to five days and we can provide you with installation services. For all other areas, you’ll receive your item within two to seven days. We know you want to get your hands on your equipment quickly, though, which is why we ship it as rapidly as possible.

From our long-lasting warranties to our rapid delivery, we work hard to keep our customers happy. To learn more about what we do or to ask questions, contact us.