Whether it be Theragun, Hypervolt or Solbasium, the percussive massage therapy gun market is huge. These machines are great for self massage to treat problem areas of the body in your own home or as a simple device to warm up for pre-training. Excellent to be used post training too to help speed recovery processing lactic acid and encourage muscle repair.

Exagym stock percussion therapy massage guns for muscle pain including neck and back pain. We deliver only the best in massage guns, with leading brands on the market including Theragun, Hypervolt, and Solbasium.

Get a custom-tailored solution to your niggling pain with a premium massage gun that works deeply to help alleviate and soothe muscle tension and tight areas in the body.

What are massage guns?

Massage guns work through what’s known as vibration therapy, providing rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue. A massage gun mimics deep kneading through an oscillating head on the end of the device that rocks back and forth to relax muscles and ease trigger points.

These electric hand-held tools give you all the benefits of a massage treatment but without the expense or hassle of visiting a therapist.

To use a massage gun, you simply turn the device on and then place the head of the gun on the area of your body that is feeling sore or tight. Depending on the massage gun, you may be able to increase and decrease its speed to get the right tempo you need. Some devices will also come with varying massage head attachments, with larger heads for larger muscle groups such as the thighs or smaller massage heads for use around the jaw or neck. You should move the massage gun around slowly in a circular motion for at least two minutes or until the muscle pain subsides.

Do I need a massage gun? 

Massage guns can be used as recovery tools for athletes or people who engage in regular physical activity. They can be used pre and post-exercise as a beneficial ‘wake up’ for the muscles and cool-down to facilitate recovery and recuperation. They can also be helpful for anyone experiencing chronic muscle soreness or as an aid to improve flexibility and mobility. Massage guns help to improve blood circulation and can assist seniors in improving their muscle strength or to relieve arthritic pain.