If you’re one of the many young Australians who’ve bought a reformer machine to elevate your Pilates workout, Exagym has the reformer accessories you need to take it even further.

Why you need Pilates Reformer accessories

Reformer Pilates machines are a great addition to any home gym or commercial outfit. On its own, matwork Pilates already has plenty of benefits, but you can get more out of your Pilates workout with a reformer machine.

A reformer machine is perfect for those looking to build muscle or tone their body because it expands your motion with each movement while increasing stability. Under the guidance of a professional, a reformer machine can also be used as a sport-specific training tool or by rehab patients.

Adding reformer accessories will further enhance your workout routine and help you reach those goals:

– Extension legs — These add extra height to your reformer, making it easy to slip on and off the machine.

– Extender mattress — Need a little extra room on your reformer to put your feet, you need this platform extender.

– Sitting box — If you find seated or prone exercises on your reformer too challenging, this reformer accessory can help make them more comfortable.

– Jump board — These offer stable support when adding plyometric exercises to your Pilates regimen.

Trust Exagym for your Pilates reformer accessories needs

Pick what you need from our selection of essential Pilates reformer accessories in Australia. We also carry other yoga and Pilates equipment to help you work out more efficiently.

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