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The best range of weights!

Building strength and toning your body both require you to rely on excellent nutrition and a rigorous fitness regime. With the right weights, you can target specific muscle areas, increase your resilience, and bring yourself closer to your fitness goals. At Exagym, we sell weights in numerous formats to fitness lovers, gym owners, and personal trainers. Whether you’re seeking dumbells, cast plates, kettlebells, or something else, we believe our weights are amongst the best in Australia.

The importance of diversifying your weight collection

Variety is important when it comes to any fitness routine. Strength training is no different. If you’re a personal trainer or gym owner, adding different types of weights to your kit will attract more clients. At Exagym, our collection includes weights that are exceedingly popular amongst all types of fitness lovers. For example, we have professional kettlebells you can use in classes or on the floor, as well as dumbbells and weight sets that allow your clients to gradually increase their weight as they develop strength.

Alongside all the weights that remain popular throughout Australia today, we stock medicine balls, plates, and rope balls. Each item has great potential for targeting specific muscle groups. Additionally, some are excellent for using in popular classes such as HIIT, kettlebell fitness, and Pilates.

At Exagym, we serve the general public too

If you’re trying to create a fitness space at home, browse through our range. At Exagym, we’ve spent years working with fitness trainers, gym owners, and those who want to create an exercise haven at home. To ensure you remain safe and to help you access the high-quality products you want, we diversify the materials of our weights and stock dependable brands. From Loumet to Olympic and everything in-between, we only stock products made by those who understand your fitness needs as much as we do.

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