The health benefits of yoga and pilates are well-documented — your body can be transformed with improved muscle tone and circulation, and your mental wellbeing enhanced, all while improving your balance and core strength. If you are looking to fit out your own home, a commercial studio or a retreat, our range has all the items you need to get started, from yoga mats to pilates reformers and everything in between.

Interchangeable equipment choices

Whether you practise yoga, pilates, or both, all our equipment is interchangeable between both forms of exercise. This allows you to focus on your preferred workout style, without the added expense and hassle of practice-specific equipment. Our range of yoga mats ensures you can create the perfect workout surface, with mats ranging from 4mm up to 15mm in thickness. A range of colours and designs will not only see you comfortable but also enjoy the aesthetics of your mat, helping calm your mind and allowing you to focus on that perfect pose.

Yoga and pilates accessories

Accessories are always useful to assist a beginner or to improve the experience for an advanced practitioner.

• Blocks, to help you achieve a pose you may not quite have the balance or the flexibility for just yet.

• Resistance bands help to add extra effort to a movement.

Weights can help you to achieve a more intense workout.

Flex discs are known to improve core stability.

Grip socks provide you with that extra bit of assurance.

Advanced machinery for your workout

Reformers will give you the ultimate experience in the practice of pilates. These are high-quality, streamlined machines, each designed to offer the level of workout applicable to your experience level, be it in-home or at a studio.

Browse our comprehensive online collection for the best yoga and pilates accessories today. At Exagym we are a proud supplier of quality equipment that will not let you down — so if you have any questions or need help with your order, please get in touch using our online enquiry function or call 02 9953 4490.


What are yoga and Pilates?

Yoga and Pilates are both mind-body practices that offer a range of physical and mental benefits. Yoga, originating from ancient India, focuses on flexibility, strength and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates, emphasises posture, core strength and muscle balance.

What is the main difference between yoga and Pilates?

While both practices improve mind-body connection and fitness, yoga often includes a spiritual element and a wider range of poses. Pilates is more focused on precise movements targeting core strength and muscle balance.

Are yoga and Pilates suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Both yoga and Pilates are suitable for beginners. In Australia, there are many classes designed for different levels, ensuring a comfortable start for newcomers.

How often should I practise yoga or Pilates for optimal results?

Practising yoga or Pilates two to three times per week is recommended. However, even once a week can yield significant benefits.

Can I lose weight through yoga or Pilates?

Yes, both yoga and Pilates can help in weight loss. They enhance metabolism, muscle tone and overall physical fitness, contributing to weight management.

Are there specific types of yoga or Pilates for different fitness goals?

Yes, there are various styles of yoga and Pilates catering to different fitness goals. From gentle, restorative practices to more intense, strength-building sessions, there’s a type for everyone.

What equipment do I need for Pilates, and is it different from yoga?

Basic yoga requires a mat, while Pilates may require additional equipment like resistance bands or Pilates balls. The equipment varies depending on the practice’s intensity and focus.

Is yoga or Pilates more effective for stress relief and mental well-being?

Yoga and Pilates are highly effective for stress relief and mental well-being. They offer relaxation techniques and mind-body integration that foster mental clarity and calmness.

Can pregnant women participate in yoga or Pilates?

Many yoga and Pilates classes are safe for pregnant women, but it’s vital to consult with your doctor and inform the instructor about the pregnancy.

Do I need to be flexible to start yoga or Pilates?

No. There’s no need to be flexible to start yoga or Pilates. These practices will gradually improve your flexibility over time.

How do I choose between group classes and at-home practice for yoga and Pilates?

The choice depends on personal preference. Group classes offer guidance and community, while at-home practice provides flexibility and convenience.

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