SKLZ Mini Bands 3 Pack




$29.95 Including GST


A lightweight, versatile resistance product to help recovery and protect against injury. The SKLZ Mini Band 3 pack comes with a yellow (light), red (medium) & black (heavy) band and workout poster.

Product Description

The SKLZ Mini Bands 3 Pack are a great training aid for strength, recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention. By targeting muscles of your hips and shoulders, these bands may reduce the risk of injury from muscle imbalances. Personal trainers love these for squats to help the outer sections of your glutes develop, important for supporting the hips. Develop the neglected parts of your shoulders by holding static positions or rotating internally and externally.

The 3 Pack includes Yellow, Red and Black from light to heavy. By working your way up slowly, these allow muscles important for joint stability to be developed in a controlled manner. Small and light enough to fit in your pocket, there’s no excuse for neglecting all those little weak spots you had no idea about!


  • Lightweight, inexpensive, versatile
  • Injury rehabilitation and “prehabilitation”
  • 3 different strengths
  • Comes with workout chart.


Weight 0.2 kg
Shipping Dimensions 18 × 23 × 5 cm


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