Once you decide to bring myofascial release to your fitness regime, you’ll never look back. From rollers through to balls, release tools come in a few formats. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefits they deliver. For those who want to prevent severe aches after their workout, the use of release tools is a blessing. For those who encounter injuries or must have surgery, they can be used to ease their way back into workouts. At Exagym, we supply release tools to customers throughout Australia, as well as personal trainers and gym owners.

Why add release tools to your collection?
Using a myofascial release tool gives you the chance to correct imbalances between your nerves, muscles, joints, and tendons, before your workout. Even if you’re not suffering from an injury, there’s an argument to suggest that this could prevent one from happening when weaknesses are brimming beneath the surface. Many exercise lovers and personal trainers now add release tools to their warmups and experience excellent results when they do.

At Exagym, our release tools come in a lot of formats. With our foam rollers, you’ll soothe aching muscles and relieve stress, allowing you to enjoy a comfier workout during your next session. With a Blackroll Ball, you can prime your myofascial movements for almost any workout, allowing you to see greater benefits as time goes on. Our range also includes deep tissue rollers, which will help you manually unknot those aching muscles.

Why choose Exagym for your release tools?
The team at Exagym has plenty of experience in choosing the right products for different workout styles. Because of this, you know you’re receiving a dependable product when you purchase something such as a deep tissue roller from us.

Whether you’re a personal trainer who wants advice or you’re a self-directed fitness lover who needs to find the perfect product, you can call us to find out more about our stock.