When you need a little extra support while working out, using balance and stability accessories can go a long way. At Exagym, we supply a diverse range of fitness accessories to gym owners, personal trainers, and health fanatics throughout Australia. Whether you need a ball for stability while you do crunches or you’re delving into the world of sliders, there’s something in our range for you.

Why add balance and stability tools to your fitness regime?
When you or your clients try to execute toning moves while using a fitness ball, you ramp up the intensity for each muscle group. Additionally, such balls make it possible to exercise even when you’re suffering from an injury. If you’re a personal trainer who wants to support people in their fitness goals despite moving through an ongoing recovery process, a fitness ball can help you do so.

With the right skill and supervision, our range of gliders will push you as you lunge, do press-ups, and work your core. When used against a wooden floor, they’ll also provide the stability needed to exercise while maintaining the right form.

Using variety and imagination, our balance boards will help you tone muscle groups you never knew you had. With a selection that’ll suit beginners and experts alike, they’re amongst some of our most popular balance and stability accessories.

Why buy balance and stability fitness accessories from Exagym?
At Exagym, our team of experts works with gym owners, personal trainers, and those developing their home gyms. Our selection of balance and stability tools comes from high-end brands, which means they won’t let you down. Don’t believe us? Some of our famous clients include Raquel Welsh, who loves to get fit using the equipment in our stores.

To learn more about our fitness accessories that promote better balance and stability, contact a member of our team.