With a design that allows users to enjoy a low-impact cardio workout using both the lower and upper body, elliptical crosstrainers are a useful asset to have. With a history that stems back to only 1995, they’re fairly new to the fitness market. Thanks to their ingenious design, they encourage the lower limbs to move in a natural motion while pushing for maximum calorie burning. At Exagym, we sell some of the best elliptical crosstrainers in Australia.

Why invest in an elliptical crosstrainer?
If you’re a gym owner or a personal trainer, you’re introducing a piece of equipment to your arsenal that clients will expect to see. Thanks to their calorie burning potential, elliptical crosstrainers are exceedingly popular amongst those who want fast workouts with maximum results. Like many cardio machines, you can vary the intensity and the resistance to challenge different abilities.

For those of you who are considering adding one to your home gym, you’re about to get a workout that targets more muscle groups than any other machine. Providing you know how to hold your core, you’ll see excellent results.

Choosing Exagym for your elliptical crosstrainer
At Exagym, we have a long-standing history of serving fitness coaches, gym owners, and health lovers throughout Australia. As such, you know our elliptical crosstrainers meet high standards. If you have any questions about our range, contact us today.