Are you looking for a belly pad or body pad that packs a punch when it comes to quality? At Exagym, we have just what you need. Our high-standard boxing belly pads and body pads give you the high levels of protection your sport demands.

Boxing belly pads and boxing body pads

Boxing belly pads

Whether you’re a trainer, coach, instructor, pad holder or boxer in Australia, our belly pad makes training for boxing safer by providing robust abdominal protection against punches, knees and kicks.

Boxing body pads

Body or body punch pads are similar to belly pads, but they provide high chest protection and abdominal protection. They act as a general body shield and are ideal for Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Body or belly pad?

Body pads are sometimes called belly pads and vice versa. This can make things confusing for buyers. If you’re not sure what kind of pad you need, get in touch with the friendly experts at Exagym.

Why choose Exagym’s superior boxing belly pads and body pads?

At Exagym, we stock the best quality fitness accessories, and our belly boxing pads and body punch pads are no exception. Solidly constructed from premium materials, our belly boxing pad and body pad give you serious shock absorption without weighing you down.

Our pads belong to an AAA-grade range of boxing products — they’re reliably protective and offer great durability, hit after hit.

Buy belly pads and body pads online today

With Exagym, it’s easy to buy boxing gear safely online. Shop with total confidence using our secure payment options. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive confirmation and shipping details via email.

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