Whether it’s due to an injury or you’re recovering from an operation, using rehab tools while working out makes life easier and supports your healthy future. While exercise bands can help you or your clients confidently stretch muscles they’re struggling with, tubing delivers balance. At Exagym, we have a vast selection of rehab tools that’ll suit your training program.

Finding the right gym rehab tools for you
Maintaining a healthy body is the foundation of being able to participate in exercise routines. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond your control or beyond the control of your clients can disrupt their routine. At Exagym, our selection of rehab tools includes resistance bands. With plenty of elasticity, they rebuild muscles and inspire confidence, even if you need to exercise from a sitting position.

Or, you may want to invest in one of our foam rollers. They support myofascial movements at the smallest level, even when someone is recovering from a bony or soft tissue injury. With the right placement, they can ease back pain while exercising and promote a quicker recovery.

As for muscle pain release, we offer one of the simplest, yet most effective products on the market: the Blackroll Ball. Available in single and dual forms, they’re ideal for triggering pain relief in almost any muscle group. When pain no longer acts as a barrier, working out becomes easier.

Our gym rehab tools aren’t just ideal for those recovering from injuries. From preventing the onset of DOMS to alleviating them, there’re hardly any limits to what they can do.

Choosing Exagym for your rehab tools
With a commitment to using only the best brands, the team here at Exagym wants to help people throughout Australia amplify their fitness routines. We have lots of experience in working with gyms, coaches, and individuals who are working out at home. So, if you need advice, we’re happy to hear from you.