Ensure that your home gym has all the fitness equipment you need to see the results you want, from the comfort of your own home.

Get the most from your workout, with equipment designed and engineered by the leading brands. We provide industry leading servicing options to maintain your home gym at the highest possible level.
-We have over 35 years of home fitness experience
-We work with thousands of home user fitness enthusiasts
-We have an extensive range of accessories for indoor and outdoor use
-We offer an extensive range of home use strength and cardio equipment
-We can provide floor plan design and layout
-We provide fast and competitive quotes
-We have quick and easy finance options available
-We can service your home use product inside or outside of warranty, no matter what the brand!

Our range of home gym equipment will ensure that you’re able to get a versatile workout without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re looking for strength or cardio-based machine, Exagym has exactly what you need and can provide the knowledge to get the most out of your home gym.

Home Gyms for any Budget

Using bodyweight for resistance, the HCE Power Tower is a simple and affordable piece of home gym equipment that will help you train your chest, shoulders, arms, back and core. An added benefit to this type of training can be back pain relief as while hanging, it may help to decompress the vertebrae in your spine.

Our Bodycraft Compact Functional Trainer is a total body training machine that takes footprint and budget into consideration without sacrificing functionality. With highly adjustable pulleys, it is perfect for people of any height or size.

If you need an all-purpose home gym, Exagym offers a variety of machines like the Bodycraft GXE Elite Strength Training System. This beast of a home gym offers everything you could possibly need from your home fitness equipment including an adjustable seat and the ability to double the resistance to 400lbs.

Exagym has an extensive array of accessories for both indoor and outdoor use, making sure your home gym is perfect for your individual needs.

The Experts You Can Trust

Exagym has over 35 years of experience with home fitness equipment and we’ve worked with thousands of home fitness enthusiasts. If your machine needs maintaining, Exagym’s experts can even service any brand of home gym equipment on or off warranty.

We can provide assistance with floor planning or layout, and offer competitive quotes. We also have quick and easy finance options.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your home gym needs.