Exagym stocks a vast range of weight benches for all budgets and fitness levels. Our benches have adjustable incline functions and are mobile for ease of storage and transport. We stock Bodycraft, Force USA and Infiniti benches for home and commercial use.

Weight benches offer a huge range of strengthening exercises to accommodate for both free weights and body weight. Weight and resistance training has been proven to build muscle, burn fat and make you feel great! Whether it’s developing your chest and shoulders with dumbbells or toning your legs and glutes with lunges, a weight bench provides you with the support you need to gain the full benefits of weight training!

Here at Exagym, we aim to provide you with the best product for your personal goals and needs. We offer expert workout advice on every product to ensure you get optimal use. Pop in to our store in Cremorne or call us on 02 9953 4490.

Weight benches provide a wide array of opportunities for weight training, but not all benches are the same.

Whether you’re developing your chest, shoulders, arms, legs or even your glutes, Exagym offers the best products to suit your needs, experience level, or budget for both free weight training and bodyweight training.

The Right Weight Bench For You

Flat weight benches like the BodyCraft F600 are great for strength training to work your chest, shoulders and triceps. No matter how much space you have available to exercise, Exagym offers both rigid and foldable options to accommodate ease of storage.

If you need something a little more versatile, adjustable weight benches provide a much wider range of exercise options with the ability to recline, decline or lie flat. The F602 FID utility bench offers a 90-degree range of seating for things like pull-overs and shoulder presses.

An optional leg attachment converts either of these options into a sit-up weight bench to give you an upper hand with your crunches, sit-ups and other abdominal training.

Exagym’s Quality Bench Products

With a rugged steel frame and variable density cushioning, Exagym’s affordable weight benches will give you excellent work out every time without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Many of Exagym’s benches have built-in transport wheels and handles to make them easier to move around, and some foldable options are a snap to store out of the way when not being used.

Need Advice on Weight Benches?

Not sure what you’re looking for? Here at Exagym, our experts can offer advice for all of our products to help you make the most of your weight training efforts.

Contact us today and we’ll answer all your questions to ensure you’re getting the right product for your needs and have the knowledge to use it optimally.