Tired of doing the same cardiovascular exercise and gym routine? Take your workout to new heights with our range of rebounders and mini tramps! At ExaGym, we carry exercise trampolines that provide a dynamic workout for anyone looking to burn calories in a more exciting way.

Rebounders and mini tramps to boost fitness

While there’s nothing wrong with running, indoor cycling and other forms of cardio, they can get monotonous. Trampolining for exercise is a great way to shake up your training regime wherever you are in your fitness journey. Jumping on a rebounder or mini tramp can burn calories, boost metabolism and improve overall cardiovascular health. Plus, trampolining requires strength and stability, engaging your leg, core and upper body muscles for a full-body workout.

Adjustable firmness levels for rebounders and mini tramp

Rebounders and mini tramps provide flexibility for different skill and fitness levels. All you have to do is adjust the firmness level of your mat! Are you a beginner or an older adult looking for minimal impact on your joints? Put your rebounder or mini tramp to a low firmness level for a lighter bounce. And when you want a harder challenge, try a firmer trampoline for a high-impact workout. All our trampolines come with durable bungee cords and screw-on or bolt-on legs, ensuring your trampolining experience is safe regardless of the intensity of your workout.

Shop rebounders and mini tramps for home or commercial gym use

Short on space? No problem! Our rebounders and mini tramps are compact and easy to store, with folding and stacking options available making them ideal for home workouts or multi-use gym studios. At ExaGym, we supply trampolines built with durable materials to ensure a stable bounce for all ages and skill levels.

Ready to boost your fitness routine? Shop our range of rebounders and mini tramps below and enjoy fast delivery in Australia. Got any questions regarding shipping and installation? Contact us and our team will get back to you!