As a form of fitness training that stems back to the Ancient Greeks, the use of medicine balls delivers explosive power to those who want to strengthen and condition. Are you a personal trainer or gym owner? If so, you’ll find that the array of grips and materials are ideal for impressing your clients. Or, if you like to workout at home and you’re creating a personal gym, you can zero in on a product that’s conducive to your training requirements. At Exagym, we’re here to help customers throughout Australia find the perfect medicine ball for their fitness routine.

The benefits of using medicine balls to workout
Whether you want to make a cardiovascular routine more intense or you’re looking for a new way to improve your core strength, you can’t go wrong with a medicine ball. Personal trainers often incorporate them into routines that require explosive movements. With the additional weight, you burn fat at an astonishing rate and build muscle.

To make life easier for our customers, the team at Exagym sources medicine balls with handle grips. Whether you’re new to using them or you want to feel a little more stable, medicine balls with handles are an excellent asset to your collection of workout tools. Or, you can head down the classic route and try one of our rubber medicine balls. By purchasing a selection in different sizes, you can switch between weights as you try various exercises.

Why choose Exagym when you buy medicine balls?
With years of experience in serving gym owners, home gym developers, and personal trainers in Australia, the team at Exagym can advise you on which medicine ball to choose. To ensure you benefit from a first-class exercise experience, we sell products from major brands, including Loumet.

If you want to know more about our medicine balls or you have a few questions about the type to choose, contact us.