An exercise mat is a fundamental part of just about any workout. They can help you maintain balance, reduce the impact on your joints and serve as a clean and even surface for you to stretch out on. That’s why at Exagym, we stock an extensive range of gym-quality exercise mats and exercise mats for your home. Start your journey to fitness with Exagym today!

Exercise mats for home workouts

Here at Exagym, we think an exercise mat is an essential part of every home. Whether you’re using them for a simple morning workout or you need gym-quality exercise mats for something more intense, we know that quality is crucial.

So if you’re loving your new routine of working out at home, we have a full range of exercise mats that are perfect for use in your own front room. Whether you’re flowing through a yoga class, feeling that Pilates burn or sweating in a HIIT class, we have the best mats for you to choose from. We stock only high quality and carefully selected brands to ensure you receive the best mats, no matter what purpose you’re using them. Portable, easy to clean and lightweight, many of our exercise mats designed for yoga and Pilates are available with a printed alignment guide to enhance positioning and equilibrium during your practice. So not only will you be able to work out on your exercise mat in comfort, you’ll never be left wondering which way you should be facing.

Gym-quality exercise mats for studio workouts

In addition to our range of exercise mats for the home, we also supply commercial gyms and studios across Australia with exercise mats for a range of indoor and outdoor classes and exercise programmes. Browsing around our site, you’ll discover a carefully curated selection of high-quality mats that make the perfect addition to your studio workouts.

Our own EVA Gym Mats are super durable and perfect for withstanding the wear and tear of a busy gym environment. Easy to clean and available singularly or as a 10 pack, they come with convenient black eyelets to allow you to hang them on a wall. Storage doesn’t need to be a problem either. We also offer a wall-mounted mat rack to make storing up to 10 gym-quality exercise mats easily!

Discover the complete range of Exagym products

In addition to our extensive range of high-quality exercise mats, we also stock a range of other useful exercise equipment for your needs. Whether you’re setting up your at-home studio space or looking to make a purchase for your commercial studio, we also have a full range of strength, cardio and fitness accessories for you to choose from. Explore the range today, and you’ll be getting the fitness results you want in no time!

Shop for your ideal exercise mat today

We know that choosing the right exercise mat isn’t always an easy process, particularly if you’re buying one for the first time. You want to make sure that it’s appropriate for your specific needs and the right size for your exercise space. So if you’ve got any questions about our range, make sure you reach out to us today. Our team of industry professionals are on hand and happy to help you find the perfect exercise mat for your needs.

Found the right exercise mat already? You can purchase them directly online right now! We offer a range of secure payment options, including zipPay, so that you can always shop with confidence. For any other questions you might have, please call us on 02 9953 4490 or email