When you want home fitness equipment that looks as beautiful as it is effective, you want gear from NOHrD, with its stunning wood components that blend with your decor. Our selection of equipment at Exagym will help you find the perfect gear for your individual workout goals, whether you’re building strength, increasing muscle mass, or boosting your functional fitness. Buy one piece, or invest in multiple machines to create a home gym that will serve you well for years to come.

Get fit with a NOHrD cable machine or NOHrD running machine

We have a great variety of fitness equipment to help you build the strength, stamina, or flexibility you crave. The SlimBeam Cable Machine is the NOHrD cable machine Australia turns to for ultimate exercise efficiency. Taking up only a small footprint, this machine is ideal for apartment dwellers or those who want a discreet way to work out at the office.

Try NOHrD’s Swing Bells Set for resistance training with various weights. The Tria Trainer is fantastic for working on your abs, core, and glutes, while the WallBars will enhance your general strength and flexibility.

Exagym has everything you need to make this year the one you hit your goals

We offer an enormous range of fitness equipment because we know everyone’s needs are different, and it can take multiple pieces of gear to get the desired result. From strength training rigs and racks and cardio machines to boxing gloves and Pilates Reformers, we have high-quality exercise equipment to help you achieve your workout goals. We offer the best in service, including a dedicated team to deliver and install your purchases.

Our large selection of accessories makes one-stop shopping even easier for you. You will appreciate our long list of products, from aerobic steps to heart rate monitors. To protect your home’s interior, we have flooring for equipment, plus resistance bands, foam rollers, and everything else you need for convenient home exercise and recovery.

If you’re still unsure what you need or have questions about any of our equipment, stop by our showroom or ring us on 02 9953 4490. You can also reach our professional staff anytime by contacting us online.