Punch Urban Freestanding Rebound Bag

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  •  Interactive, fun, rebound boxing workout station!
  •  Ideal for indoor, smaller spaces such as apartments or the garage
  •  Gentle rebound action from the heavy-duty spring
  •  Water filled base
  •  175cm high x 35cm diameter
  •  Generous foam-based padding for striking comfort
  • Tested weatherproof
  •  UV Stable

Product Description

Why Choose the Punch Urban Freestanding Rebound Bag?

The Urban Freestanding Rebound Bag is the ultimate free standing boxing bag for home and gym use when fixing a bag to your wall or ceiling simply isn’t an option.

This punching bag is suitable for beginners to professionals alike and is engineered to give the user a realistic boxing bag experience, minus the chains and bracket!

Its gentle rebound action from each strike is forgiving on the body and provides a fantastic, interactive workout for the user.

This bag’s core has the perfect versatility for training speed, longer combinations, or perfecting a single technique, it’s HD foam padding is strong yet forgiving ensuring the risk of injury is kept to a minimum.

Whether you’re a boxer, kickboxer, martial artist, or simply training to keep fit, this boxing bag is suitable for your striking needs.

Small space, no problem!

Whether you can only train in your living room, bedroom, garage or out under the deck, the Urban Freestanding Rebound Bag is built for this exact purpose, as long as you can find approx 3 square metres, you have the perfect amount of space for a boxing workout!

Its durable, water-filled poly base is designed to comfortably hold the heavy-duty spring in place, giving your bag the support it needs to move freely.

If you’re looking for the perfect boxing bag solution for your home training needs, minus the headache, you’re looking for the Urban Rebound Free Standing Boxing Bag from Punch!

Looking for other boxing bags or speed balls? Browse the range at Punch®. We have a wide range of punching bags available or check out some of our retail shops near you.

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Punch Urban

Domestic 1 year warranty use only. 3 month commercial warranty.

Tested on Humans®

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Weight 16.3 kg
Shipping Dimensions 130 × 36 × 60 cm


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