Here at Exagym, we supply a range of Infiniti and Vision Fitness treadmills to suit all ages and fitness levels. We offer everything from home to commercial treadmills to suit your environment or level of usage.

Treadmills allow the most natural form of exercise free from rain, traffic and cold, dark mornings. In the controlled environment, you are ensured a low impact, safer workout free from nasty stones to save your knees and ankles. Fine adjustments to speed and incline also allow you to improve your cardio fitness at your own pace. No space? Most of our treadmills fold! Your lounge room television viewing can now shed fat, burn calories and build muscle!

Exagym provides you with a hire before you buy option to ensure we get the right product for you! Our team can also give you expert advice to help develop your fitness further. Stop by our shop and put them to the test or call 02 9953 4490.