Here at Exagym, we supply a range of Infiniti and Vision Fitness treadmills to suit all ages and fitness levels. We offer everything from home to commercial treadmills to suit your environment or level of usage.

Treadmills allow the most natural form of exercise free from rain, traffic and cold, dark mornings. In the controlled environment, you are ensured a low impact, safer workout free from nasty stones to save your knees and ankles. Fine adjustments to speed and incline also allow you to improve your cardio fitness at your own pace. No space? Most of our treadmills fold! Your lounge room television viewing can now shed fat, burn calories and build muscle!

Exagym provides you with a hire before you buy option to ensure we get the right product for you! Our team can also give you expert advice to help develop your fitness further. Stop by our shop and put them to the test or call 02 9953 4490.

A daily walk or run can be an excellent way to get your cardio done, but heatwaves, rainy days and traffic can soon put you off. That’s why treadmills are so popular. They allow you to enjoy a lower impact environment for walking or running, whether you’re just starting out or are training for a marathon, and you don’t need to worry about the weather outside. Exagym offers a wide range of treadmills for your home gym, so you can watch your favourite TV show and enjoy total privacy while you clock up your kms..

Treadmills to suit all sizes of home gym

We understand that not everyone has huge amounts of space in their home gym, which is why we stock a range of treadmills to suit different sized rooms.

Our folding treadmills are ideal for smaller home gyms, or for using in a space such as your living room. When you’re done with your workout, they can be folded away, giving you floor space for your crunches and planks. While compact, these treadmills still have all the features you’d expect from good quality home gym equipment.

Exagym also stocks a range of commercial treadmills, similar to those you’d find in your local gym. These treadmills are larger than home gym models, so tend to suit those with more space. But the upside of these treadmills is that they are built to last, even if you run for hours a day, and have all the features you need for a successful workout.

If you want to motivate yourself to take a long walk or work towards your running goals every day, then consider buying one of our treadmills. Treadmills provide an easy way to get more cardio, and because they provide a softer surface for running, they can have less impact on your joints than going for a run outside. Browse our range of treadmills online and order yours today, with delivery across Australia.