At Exagym, we stock a great range of reliable spin bikes for all disciplines whether it is for the loungeroom or a full commercial gym setting. Spin bikes are a favourite among many due to their simplicity and diverse workout options.

Those who have done a spin class know exactly how tough it can be to constantly increase and decrease intensity from extended efforts to cathartic sprints. Studies have shown a multitude of benefits from varying resistance including increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness, decreased insulin resistance and of course a huge feeling of achievement when the ordeal is over!

Spinning has become a hugely popular activity thanks to the benefits it has on your body. From increasing your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, to decreasing your insulin resistance, a spin class is incredibly tough but definitely worth the effort. Thanks to Exagym, you don’t have to visit your local gym for spin classes. Our range of spin bikes can be delivered to your door, allowing you to enjoy spinning whenever the mood takes you.

Spin bikes give you a challenging workout

If you’re trying to enjoy more cardio, and want a workout that’s effective and challenging, then choose one of our spin bikes. Spinning is tougher than normal cycling and lends itself to replicating a road ride or HIIT sessions.

Spin bikes are different from stationary bikes. They tend to have a lower handlebar, a lot like you would get on your normal road bike. They also have a heavier flywheel, so they can take more effort to pedal. This is why many serious cyclists train on spin bikes rather than a standard exercise bike.

If you haven’t tried spinning before, then don’t worry, it’s easy to use a spin bike and there are plenty of instructions online. Most people find it easiest to follow a spin class video, either live or pre-recorded, and there are plenty of free examples online as well as subscription services. That’s why most spin bikes have a device rack where you can prop up your phone or tablet and follow along.

Spin bikes are an excellent choice for those who want to get high intensity cardio at home, while also having a lot of fun! Simply hop on your bike, start a workout video, and you’ll be amazed how quickly the time goes. At Exagym, you can get your very own spin bike, allowing you to enjoy a spin class whatever time of day suits you.

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