5 Must Have Cardio Machines in 2022

Thank goodness there isn’t a burpee machine!

When it comes to different forms of exercise,
Cardio is often someone’s favourite… or least favourite topic to talk about!

Regardless of the preference, there usually comes a time when you hesitantly agree to bring a piece of cardio equipment into your home, BUT, the diversity of options to choose from can be enough to make you tired and start looking again next Monday!

While the options can seem endless,
The team at Exagym are here to make your decision easy by presenting you with our 5, Must Have Cardio Machines in 2022.

1. Rowing Machine: Concept 2 Row Erg

A truly trusted piece of cardio gear.
While rowing is essentially a dynamic form of pulling, if done correctly, rowing works almost all muscles from your head down to your toes.
Rowing as a form of exercise is extremely accessible, whether you’re a complete beginner or professional athlete, a rowing machine is a great investment.
The Concept 2 Row Erg is notorious for being one of the most trusted low impact, quality built and highly efficient cardio machines in the fitness market.
It’s also one of the best machines to store as it can be quickly placed vertically to remove over 80% of it’s floor space.

2.  Assault Bike: Assault Bike Pro

With Assault Bikes, there is no such thing as half-assing your way through a workout.
As an Assault Bike is powered purely by the user, rewarding you with more resistance, the harder you push!
An Assault bike can go from being your best friend to worst enemy in a matter of seconds.
The Assault Bike Pro brings many additional features to the bike you love to hate, including improved anti-corrosive materials, adjustable feet, Bluetooth connectivity and much more!
If you’re looking for the ultimate muscular and lung burning workout, you’ve found it with the Assault Bike Pro.

3. Ski Erg: Concept 2 Ski Erg 2

One of the newer kids on the block,
A Ski Erg delivers the thrilling sport of Nordic skiing, directly to your home or gym.
The Ski Erg is quickly becoming on of the most popular cardio machines in the gym and CrossFit environments, utilising the same resistance systems as Concept 2’s rowing machine.
The Ski Erg is low impact on the body, takes up minimal space and is completely resistance controlled by the user.
If you’re sick of sitting down for cardio or looking for a great alternative to a seated rowing machine, the Ski Erg is a fantastic choice for all levels of users.


4. Treadmill: Matrix TF30-V2 Folding Treadmill with XR-V3 Console

A classic piece of cardio equipment in any home or gym.
Exercise Treadmills have been existence since the early 1900’s and have dramatically improved in their technology, performance and design since then.
The Matrix TF30 for example is perfect for the home gym thanks to it’s ability to fold to 90 degrees in a matter of seconds.
This isn’t just a great machine thanks to its ability to save space, the TF30 comes with many other features.
From a multitude of workout programs, it’s heavy duty construction and Johnson Drive system, this treadmill screams commercial quality at a home gym budget.

5. Cross Trainer: Matrix E30XR V3 Crosstrainer

Unlike the treadmill, the Cross/Elliptical Trainer has been in circulation since the early 1990’s,
This machine is a great option for those looking for one of the lowest impacts around,
Elliptical exercise machines is shown to dramatically lower impact on the body compared to walking, jogging and other forms of exercise machines.
The E30XR from Matrix is one of the best examples of this, providing an ultra smooth glide and a 20 inch stride with every step, resulting in a higher recruitment of gluteal and hip flexor use than other Elliptical machines.
If you’re looking for the of the best cardio workouts while lowering the risk of impact and injury, the E30XR from Matrix ticks all of the boxes.

That’s not all, Exagym have over 35 models of cardio machines to help you get your gear into fitness this Autumn.

Click here to check out our entire range today!

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