Up your training regimen by using a Muay Thai body pad

Muay Thai fighters serious about improving their technique rely on pads to work on reaction time and punching and kicking speed. These pads have foam on the inside and rip-stop material on the outside for durability.

The biggest benefit of working with Muay Thai pads is that you can practise specific combinations and moves during a training session.

Because these pads absorb the shock of your hits, both you and the pad holder can freely move around the ring and stimulate the environment of an actual match.

Get durable and high-quality Muay Thai pads from Exagym

Muay Thai fighters of all levels need to work with body pads in order to level up their game.

That said, investing in the right Muay Thai pads and boxing gear is essential. If you get one that’s too flimsy or not well-cushioned, you increase the chances of injury even before you step into the ring!

At Exagym, our Muay Thai pads from Punch Equipment are AAA grade and come with Punchtex™ material that outlasts the typical leather used for body pad casing.

All of our pads are fitted with high-density foam padding to absorb shock without losing their shape.

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