Punch Trophy Getters® Straight Thai Pads

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AAA Rated best for proffesional Mauy Thai fight training, multiple combo power shots, punches, kicks, knees, elbows – Great for gym schools, Kickboxing pad of choice.

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Product Description

The AAA Straight Thai Pads V30 are the all-rounder Thai Pad for your home, studio, club or gym.
Short, tall, big or small, this pad is built for punishment from all users.

These pads are ideal for beginners, coaches & professional pad holders looking for an all-purpose Thai Pad.
This Thai Pad has been a staple in the Punch Equipment® range for over 15 years and has only improved with each updated model.

Material Pure Punchtex™
Padding Hi Memory/Density Padding
Features AAA Rated, Straight pillow face
Colour Black/Red
Sizes Large


Weight 2.33 kg
Shipping Dimensions 37 × 38 × 13 cm


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