Step up your game with Plyo Boxes at Exagym

Plyometrics has seen a huge jump in popularity in recent years, popularised by activities like CrossFit and subsequently adopted by a huge range of people, including fitness influencers and pro wrestlers. But no matter how you first discovered it, there’s no question it’s a powerful exercise on its own merits. While at first glance it simply appears to be leaping onto increasingly tall boxes, it’s actually an in-depth means of fitness and personal development. The opportunity to increase your speed, endurance, leg strength and leap height have all elevated its popularity across the board in the fitness community. It’s a remarkably versatile exercise, and it only looks set to grow in the coming years.

Time to take a leap of faith with Exagym

Plyometrics is all about exerting explosive force as quickly as possible, so that means you need high-quality equipment to help guarantee your safety. So why not bring plyometrics into your own home gym with our selection of Plyo Boxes? Sturdily constructed to ensure a safe landing, and adjustable to accommodate both your current ability and future challenges, Exagym stocks a range of Plyo Boxes intended for anyone from the novice leaper through to the experienced plyometrics practitioner.

Exagym: your complete fitness destination

We’re committed to you getting as fit as possible; that’s why we stock a huge range of fitness accessories beyond our great Plyo Boxes. To find out more about how we can help you reach your maximum potential, give us a call on 02 9953 4490 or get in touch with us online. If you’ve got questions about our products or are looking for tips on the best way to use them, we’ll be more than happy to help.