HCE Mini Multi Sided Foam Plyo Box

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The HCE Mini Multi Sided Foam Plyo Box is a super compact foam plyo box offering 12, 14 & 16 inch heights (30,  35 & 40cm). Perfect for older clients and works well for a glute bridge/hip thrust when you larger boxes are just that little bit too high! Weighing in at just 6kg it is super easy to move around the gym. The surface is textured for superior grip and slip resistance.

Product Description

Looking for a compact Multi-sided Foam Plyo Box? This light weight foam plyo box from HCE are perfect. Quick and easy height adjustment by just flipping over each side to get 30, 35 and 40cm heights.

At just 6kg, this Multi-sided Foam Plyo Box is easy enough to move around the gym or your home. great for step ups, sit to stand, single leg squats, Bulgarian split lunge and more.


Weight 7.4 kg
Shipping Dimensions 43 × 38 × 33 cm


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