Build muscle with our body weight equipment

Body weight training is a great way to build muscle, improve endurance and strengthen your core. With the right body weight equipment you can make simple exercises like chin-ups, knee raises, dips and hyperextensions more challenging. Our body weight equipment is designed to utilise your body weight and gravity to create resistance training exercises that will help build specific muscle groups and improve your overall fitness.

Create your dream workout space at home

You can replicate all the exercises you do at the gym from the convenience of your own home with our body weight equipment. Our high and low parallettes are a versatile tool to help train your upper body by adding extra resistance to your push-ups, gymnastic handstands and planches. Improve your stability, balance and core strength with our flex discs, which you can use to glide across your living room floor. Stretch your muscles out after your body weight training with our range of yoga and pilates equipment to prevent yourself from feeling stiff the next day.

Shop our premium range of body weight equipment today

We’re constantly expanding our product range at Exagym — make sure you check back regularly to see what’s new so that you can add the latest in workout equipment to your home gym. In addition to the best range of body weight equipment, you’ll find a great selection of fitness accessories to mix up your workout routine. If you find that the equipment you ordered doesn’t quite fit your home workout space, we offer a 7 day returns policy so you can swap to something that suits your needs better.

Our team of fitness experts are always ready to help you find the right equipment for your fitness needs, so give us a call on 02 9953 4490 or get in touch online.