Exagym has all the gadgets and devices to help assist you in tracking, monitoring, and improving your run. Whether you’re a competitor or simply looking after your health, our running accessories include everything from belts, fitness watches, and sports headphones to improve your running experience.

If you’re serious about your health and running routine, then you’ll love our latest in running accessories for men, women, and kids.

Improve your health and safety

Exagym’s running accessories range include smart devices to help you monitor your health and safety. While you’re out running, keep track of your vital stats including your heart rate with a heart rate sensor belt. These modern belts come integrated with Bluetooth technology so that your heart rate data can be sent straight to your chosen mobile device. You can also wear a monitor belt while swimming!

If you’re on the start of your fitness journey or are a seasoned runner looking to improve on your run times, an activity monitor can be a useful tool to add to your running accessory kit. Keep track of your daily movements, step count, and calories, and record your workouts all with a wrist-attached device!

Utilise fitness technology

Let modern tech-smart running accessories improve your running times, motivation, and recovery. From Bluetooth Bone Conduction headphones that stay in place when running to running watches with built-in GPS and 24/7 activity monitors, the next time you head out on your run you will be kept accountable and focused no matter the conditions.

With help of the latest running accessories, you can make your daily miles more enjoyable and worthwhile. Getting constant feedback from your running device can not only help with improving your running pace but also improve your overall health and safety.


How do I incorporate running accessories into my workout routine?

Running accessories like smartwatches and foam rollers are a part of almost every runner’s arsenal. We have the best GPS running watches to keep track of your vitals and running progress. With the most accurate tracking technologies and data analyses, these watches are a surefire way to enhance your performance.

Running consistently will take a toll on your body, so it’s important to rest and recover properly. Foam rolling is a popular and effective way for runners to stretch and ease their muscles post-run, and the Blackroll Twin Foam Roller featured in our collection of running accessories utilises the best Blackroll technology for effective pain relief. 

Are there any workouts and running accessories recommended for beginners?

Adding footwork and sprint exercises are a great way to supplement runs. To improve your endurance and strength, we recommend incorporating our speed hurdles and field markers. We also highly recommend using foam rollers for faster recovery.

Running accessories like our headbands and wristbands are also great for controlling your sweat and hair while you run so you can stay focused. Additionally, strength training can help boost your overall fitness and improve your running performance, so check out our range of fitness accessories for high-quality resistance bands and weights.

What are the benefits of using smartwatches to track my running progress and performance?

These are the main benefits of using our smartwatches:

• Accurate distance and pace — These devices use GPS to track your distance, pace and route accurately.
• Heart rate monitoring — Many watches offer heart rate monitoring, helping you gauge your effort and training zones.
Data analysis — Track your workouts over time and analyse data like speed, distance, heart rate and more.
Goal setting — Set goals and monitor your progress, which can motivate and help you stay consistent.
Training programs — Some watches offer built-in training plans based on your goals and fitness level.

As a leader in the industry backed by decades of experience, you can rest assured Exagym offers the best smartwatches and running accessories in Australia. Experience the Exagym difference today and shop our collection of running accessories to elevate your runs and reach your goals with ease.

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