Man completing pushing on the ground with YBells

YBells – The 4 In 1, Home Workout Fitness Tools

YBells – An Outstanding, 4 In 1 Training Tool

YBells are truly an all-in-one, fitness training device.
YBells provide users with an endless selection of exercises choices, thanks to their innovative design.
Whether you’re short on time, don’t have the space or have a tight budget, the YBells can truly cater to these requirements and more.
Check out Exagym’s entire range of YBells here.
However, if you still aren’t convinced, take a look more of their amazing features below.


YBells can be used in almost any training environment, from the home gym to the football ground.
YBells are strong and durable enough to cater to the conditions of almost all indoor and outdoor training areas, all the way from the office, to the home gym.
They aare manufactured in a range of sizes and weights, providing users with light cardiovascular to intensive, strength based workouts.
Best of all, you only need up to a pair of YBells to have an amazing workout!

Man completing pushing on the ground with YBells

Space Savers

One of YBells biggest features is their ability save space.
As this product takes up the requirement for 4 other fitness tools, you’re looking at a product that removes additional equipment and is also so easy to store.
With 3 flat sides for easy storage, YBells fit into almost any cupboard, shelve or empty space and their overall size is no bigger than a soccer ball, making YBells a breeze to pull out and put away.


As a YBell is a 4 in 1 training tool, a YBell completely cuts out the need to purchase these additional pieces of equipment.
Forget spending hundreds on dumbbells or medicine balls.
Save yourself time, space and money with YBells.


Purposely produced with non-slip, non-rust neoprene material, YBells are a product that is well resistant to hot, cold or humid environments unlike steel and other weather wearing materials.


YBells aren’t just new, niche training tools, they are functional and effective fitness based multi-tools!
YBells are purposefully designed to replace, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells and push up bars!
If you’re looking for a product that’s able to cover 4 other amazing pieces of training equipment.
YBells ticks all the boxes.

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