Enter the ring in safety with quality head gear

Let’s face it — the things that make boxing such a dynamic and fun way to stay fit are also the things that can make it a potentially injurious sport. It’s essential to use the right protection when you step into the ring, whether it’s just for a sparring session or a serious bout. With the range of head gear from Exagym, you can make sure your head is protected from knocks and blows, so you can focus on your footwork and that mean right hook.

Shop a range of boxing head gear for fighters at all levels

Our selection of boxing head gear has been carefully curated from the best fighting brands to offer you maximum protection without affecting performance. From full face head gear that gives you excellent vision to boxing mouth guards you can mould to your individual bite, our boxing head gear is designed to last. Whether you’ve just started boxing or you’re a committed fighter with years of experience under your belt, you won’t find a better range of boxing head gear in Australia.

Choose Exagym for all your fitness needs

No matter how you like to get your sweat on, at Exagym we have a range of fitness accessories, equipment and machines to help you maintain a fit and active lifestyle for the long term. As well as our range of boxing gear, we also offer gear for a range of strength and cardio training, Pilates and more. If you’re just starting out with a sport or boxing classes, and you’re not sure which equipment is right for you, our friendly team of fitness experts is here to help. Just get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.