We have a great range of punching bags in stock, including freestanding bags, hanging bags and bags that come with a wall bracket. All the tools you need to hone your technique and get in peak condition can be found right here at Exagym. Whether you are looking for a budget bag that is a good choice for beginners or a high-end bag that is designed for professionals, we have exactly what you need. All of the bags we stock come from official sources and are supplied with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

How to select punching bags that are right for you

If you’re an experienced boxer or martial artist and you know exactly what you want, please feel free to place your order now. If you’re a beginner and you’re still trying to decide which type of boxing bag is going to be right for you, you may find the following tips useful.

  • Consider your training space — If it is going to be difficult to hang a bag from the ceiling or mount one on the wall with a bracket, a freestanding bag is a good option.
  • Think about your training goals — If you are in the advanced stages of building strength and endurance, a full-size boxing/punching bag that weighs around 50 KG could be your best choice. If you are building speed, a reflex ball or bag will come in very handy.
  • Your physique — Try to choose a bag that you are going to find manageable. If you only weigh 50 KG, for example, a bag that weighs as much as you do will probably not be the best one to start with.

For further help and assistance, please contact us by phone or email to speak to one of our boxing gear experts.