Punch Cobra Haymaker Freestanding Boxing Bag




$499.00 Including GST

Product Description

  •  Test your speed, agility, striking & defensive skills
  •  Engineered for home & gym usage
  •  Quality ball bearing steel bar with shock-absorbing padded cover
  •  Spring-loaded to swing 360 degrees
  •  Designed for all skill levels
  •  Height adjustable to suit almost all ages!
  •  Adjusts from 151cm to 187cm – bottom of base to top of the bag
  •  Requires minimal space (approx. 2 x 2 meters)
  •  Water or sand-filled base, easy to assemble


Get ready to move!

The all-new, Punch Cobra Haymaker Freestanding Boxing Bag is here to ensure you stay on your game! The Cobra Haymaker is perfect for those looking for a bag that pulls no punches! WATCH OUT! With its quality spin bar accessory, this bag is sure to help you develop your hand-eye-coordination, guarding, hand speed, foot, body & head movement, spatial awareness & more!

The Punch Cobra Haymaker also comes with a rounded 360-degree foam padded head target to add further challenge to every combination & drill! This freestanding boxing bag is very quick to assemble and can be transported & utilised in a matter of minutes!

Quick and easy pop pin height adjustment lets you vary from 151cm to 187cm ( bottom of base to the top of the bag ) making it suitable for all heights & ages! The heavy duty base is filled with water or sand to help it sit rock solid in place. Instruction manual and tools included.


Weight 11 kg
Shipping Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm


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