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Product Description

Why choose the Punch Reflex Ball?

Have a blast & develop your reflexes with the Punch® Reflex Ball!

This boxing tool will bring fantastic & addictive elements to your boxing training!

Whether you’re using the Reflex ball at the gym, at home, in a small space or looking for a fun way to train.

The Punch Reflex Ball is perfect for you.


Eye protection is recommended when using this product.

If you’re a beginner we recommend using this ball with a set of bag mitts or boxing gloves!

What is a Reflex Ball for?

The Reflex Ball is designed to keep you boxing, no matter where, no matter when!

As this awesome tool can fit into your pocket, take you’re training wherever you go!

This versatile tool can improve your hand-eye coordination, hand rhythm, accuracy & much more.

This product is also suited for almost all ages!


How do I Setup & Use the Punch Reflex Ball?

Step 1. Place the Reflex ball, head strap on your head.

Step 2. Undo the knot on the Reflex Ball end. ( Be careful not to let the string fall off the ball! )

Step 3. Pull the Reflex Ball along the string towards the headband until the ball sits approximately at the height of your belly button.

Step 4. Tie up the Reflex Ball with a knot or two for a test run!

Step 5. If the tension feels too tight/loose when punching, adjust the string length until hitting the ball feels comfortable & reactive!

Step 6. Cut off the excess string ONLY when you are satisfied with string length.


Weight 1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 35 × 24 × 8 cm

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