Exagym Kids Gloves

Boxing is a fantastic sport to sharpen your body and your mind. It’s fantastic because people of all ages can enjoy this great form of exercise.

Getting your kids started with our Punch Mini Junior Gloves will ensure that your kid’s hands are protected. The Punch Mini Junior kids boxing gloves are designed to be safe and suitable for ages between 6 and 12.

Your Kids First Pair of Gloves

Boxing and combat sports can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Although traditionally boxing has been a largely male-dominated sport, the popularity of combat sports such as martial arts and kickboxing has allowed girls to also enjoy boxing.

Our Punch Mini Junior Kids gloves come in several colour options: Black, red, and pink. These kids’ gloves provide wrist and hand protection thanks to the padded design.

For further protection on your child’s hands, Exagym also stocks wrappings as inner layer protection. Wrappings can help give that extra bit of support to the hand and wrist while keeping your hands sweat-free.

Our Extensive Range of Kids Boxing Gloves

Our boxing range also includes wraps, boxing gloves, and MMA gloves. All of our combat gloves support the wrist with a secure velcro strap and come in a range of sizes and colours.

For all your kids’ boxing needs, Exagym provides an extensive range to our customers all across Australia.

Boxing Gear For Kids and Adults

Exagym pride themselves as being a top gym product supplier for all of our customers. From kids gloves to home gym equipment, we are here to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Exagym stocks a huge range of world-class brands for commercial and personal purchases. If you would like to discuss your kid’s boxing gloves needs, contact us today to speak to one of our Exagym staff members.