Be unstoppable in the boxing ring with the help of speedballs

Speedballs may look small and simple, but they are the key to getting an edge over any opponent in the ring.

As the name suggests, working with speedball conditions you to throw snappier punches and hone your hand-eye coordination.

For those new to boxing, hitting a speedball at moderate force can already send the bag in different directions, which means you have to steel your focus to ensure your punches are still accurate. 

Speedball boxing is a training technique used by professional fighters. Keeping up with the bag as it moves increases your stamina and strengthens your upper body. 

Because you’re working to hit a small and fast-moving target, you inevitably recruit muscles you may not even know you had!

Strike like thunder with speedballs from Exagym

The beauty of working with a speedball is that it can easily be set up at home or in the garage to build speed whenever you’re free to train. This can also be used with other boxing gear, such as bigger boxing bags, to make sure your form never slacks off. 

Because of the heavy usage that comes with speedball boxing, you’ll want to buy ones that are long-lasting and easy to take care of. 

Our AAA-grade speedballs come with an internal bladder that can easily be replaced without any metal rivets or other dangerous parts getting in the way. 

Moreover, these speedballs are outfitted with heavy-duty zippers and casing that help the bag retain its shape even with continued use. 

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