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Product Description

January 2020 sees the launch of the latest iteration of the bestselling C Series Pilates Reformer from Align-Pilates. The original CX Pilates reformer launched in 2014 breaking new ground in the European Pilates community, by introducing a commercially warranted reformer with high quality components at a reasonable price.

The C2 Pro RC can be adapted with the use of brackets to take either a Half Cadillac Tower or Full Cadillac (Full Cadillac requires the option extension legs) and unlike it’s predecessors, it has the ability to free-stand (when not attached to a Half/Full Cadillac) without the use of a wall. Please note this is an optional extra.

The Align-Pilates C2 Pro RC  Pilates Reformer is a full feature performance Pilates reformer, which uses many of the same quality components as its bigger brother, the A2RII.

The C2 Pro RC reformer – use it, love it, wheel it, stand it, jump with it, mat convert it, stack it, raise it, tower or trapeze it……one reformer which adapts to suit your Pilates life, in the Studio, Clinic or home.

Assembled dimensions: L 235cm x W 66cm x H 24cm


Adjustable foot strap,
Pair Silent double loop handles and Silent ropes,
5 nickel plated quality music wire springs (2 x Light (Blue), 2 x Medium (Red), 1 x Strong (Green)).
Digital Video Links x 2 – Beginner Pilates level 1 and Cardio Workout (Using Jump Board – available separately)

New Features 

Pole holder now standard. ( Pole not included)

Offset shoulder pads to cater for varying shoulder widths.

Optional vertical standing support legs

Optional Extras

The Align-Pilates C2-Pro reformer is compatible with;

  • Jump Board for C series F series and H series reformers,
  • Half Cadillac frame can attach to end of Reformer. Can be done with no extension legs or with them.
  • Sitting Box
  • Neck Pillow
  • Platform extender
  • Full Cadillac frame
  • Extra Light Yellow Spring
  • Plank Bars
  • Carriage topper – To protect you upholstery.
  • Extension Legs – Raise carriage height to 42 cm.
  • Vertical Standing supports.

Differences between the C2 Pro RC reformer and its predecessor the C2 Pro Pilates Reformer:

  • New self-lubricating German engineered plastic wheels for the smoothest and quietest ride possible, whilst reducing maintenance and cleaning requirements!
  • New patented Spring-Bar allowing adjustment without needing to adjust a stopper.
  • Option to add vertical standing legs for storing upright.

Compatibility with other C Series reformers

Despite all the changes the C2 Pro RC, all the earlier C Series accessories remain compatible eg/ the mattress insert, standing platform, leg extensions, half and full Cadillac frames. This makes using C2 Pro’s in the same studio as C1* reformers a breeze and levers on any earlier investments in the series. Furthermore for those already invested in earlier C Series machines, there is almost 100% backward compatibility for spare parts, as this is one of the cornerstones of Align-Pilates’ design principles.



Terms of Limited Lifetime Warranty Align Pilates offers the following limited lifetime warranty, for the periods as stated below from the date of purchase, to the original owner of their products, upon presentation of an original invoice in their name. The warranty covers commercial and domestic usage. The C2 PRO is warranted for commercial or professional use.

Align Pilates will repair or replace any mechanical part that malfunctions due to defects in materials and/or workmanship during the warranty period. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear, damage due to negligence or misuse, abuse, modification or unauthorized repair; scratches to the finish, and tears or indents in the upholstery.

Align Pilates will, at its discretion, repair or replace any parts deemed defective during the warranty period. If we opt to repair or replace your apparatus, this may require that your product is returned for inspection at our premises prior to sending out replacement apparatus. Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period only.

This warranty does not cover shipping charges, customs clearance fees (where applicable) or any costs incurred in installing repaired or replacement parts shipped under the provisions of this warranty. This warranty will be null & void if springs are not changed as specified or, if all safety, maintenance and usage instructions as specified in the manuals are not observed or, if the equipment is used for any other purpose other than for Pilates repertoire or if the equipment has been subjected to accident, abuse, improper service, or modification not authorised by Align Pilates duration of Limited Warranty

1) The C2 PRO reformer carries a 10 year warranty for the main steel frame and standing platform and the following warranty on other parts a) Springs 2 year / 3,000 hours warranty is given on all springs, excepting that a decrease of 5% of the spring power per 1,500 hours usage is acceptable according to international standards. Align-Pilates Springs should be replaced after a maximum of 3,000 hours use or 2 years, whichever is earlier. In the event of any signs of damage or wear springs should be replaced immediately regardless of age or usage.

b) All other parts including wear and tear parts including wheels, straps, ropes: 1 year

c) Upholstery The upholstery fabric on Align-Pilates equipment will be replaced if it fails to give normal wear for 125 days from the date of delivery. (If using 2xl Gym Wipes we extend this period to 1 year) Proof of damage may be required. This warranty does not cover cuts, scratches, burns, stains, soiling, or damages caused by unreasonable use such as wearing jewellery or inappropriate clothing whilst using the equipment.


Weight 79 kg
Shipping Dimensions 240 × 70 × 61.5 cm


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