Align-Pilates C8-S Reformer




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Product Description

Align-Pilates C8-S Reformer

Are you looking for a high end Pilates reformer to develop your technique or a premium look for your studio? There is no need to further than the Align-Pilates C8-S Reformer! This top-tier apparatus was created with the serious Pilates practitioner in mind. The C8S Pilates Reformer offers a variety of features and advantages that will assist you in reaching your fitness objectives plus it’s popular white polymer coated finish is attractive, robust and resists scratching.

The C8-S Reformer is crafted from premium components and with it’s 10 year Warranty, ISO and CE standards is designed tough and designed to last. It offers a seamless and enjoyable training experience thanks to its sturdy frame and silent, easy-gliding carriage. With the adjustable, patented integrated spring bar and quick adjust rope system, you can also tailor your workout to suit your individual requirements and skill level.

The adaptability of the C8-S Reformer is one of its best qualities. You can complete more than 100 different workouts super fast, so you’ll never get bored. It’s ideally positioned as a group or for classes of up to 25 clients.

The differences between the C8-S and the C8-Pro are: the stainless-steel rope risers, 1.5 cm less carriage travel (but still an excellent 105 cm); very similar but fractionally different foot bar positions; 1.5 cm narrower standing platform, white frame, runners, and legs; different leg extensions and the inability to have Full or Half Cadillac attached. On the plus side, it looks great and functions beautifully!


Reformer: 244 cm (L) x 67 cm (W) x 26 cm (H)

Carriage Size: 58cm (W) x 91.5cm (L)

Travel Length: 106.5cm

Weight: 68 kg

The C8-S Pilates Reformer comes in a standard height of 26 cm which can be raised to 42 cm with its optional almost seamless leg extensions.



Weight 79 kg
Shipping Dimensions 240 × 70 × 61.5 cm


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