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The Blackroll loop band is an excellent training tool to have with you at all times! Made in Germany from a textile, woven fabric with an even stretch profile that is machine washable up to 60 deg Celsius. Work your hips, glutes, shoulders, arms, legs and core with a multitude of exercises possible. More durable than latex equivalents, the Black Roll Loop Bands will stand the test of time. Available in either a 3 band or 6 band set – 3 band set comes with orange/green/blue and 6 band set comes with yellow/orange/red/green/blue/black.


  • Yellow – extra light: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 54g, Max Force ca 2.6 kg, Elongation ca 140%
  • Orange – light: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 57g, Max Force ca 3.2 kg, Elongation ca 140%
  • Red – gentle: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 60g, Max Force ca 4.4 kg, Elongation ca 140%
  • Green – medium: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 64g, Max Force ca 5.4 kg, Elongation ca 120%
  • Blue – strong: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 70g, Max Force ca 6.6 kg, Elongation ca 120%
  • Black – extra strong: Size approx. 32cm x 6cm, Weight 74g, Max Force ca 8 kg, Elongation ca 120%


Weight 0.2 kg
Shipping Dimensions 16 × 7 × 8 cm
Loop Band Set

3 Pack, 6 Pack


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