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Are you tired of heavy barbells digging into your neck, shoulders and hips? Being comfortable is a must if you’re trying to get those gains during your workout. Introducing the Force USA® Barbell Pad. Preventing direct contact of your body with the bar, this barbell pad offers comfort, safety and support to help you focus on your training without discomfort.

Product Description


The 40cm long Force USA Barbell Pad protects hips during glute building exercises and also protects neck vertebrae while squatting. The extra-long pad also helps to support the bar, preventing slipping which could lead to injuries while training. Adequate support means you can achieve more reps as your workout becomes easier and more efficient.


The Force USA® Barbell Pad is lightweight, durable and convenient. Constructed with commercial-grade vinyl for easy cleaning, featuring anti-rip technology and thick high-density foam padding, you can easily throw it in a bag and be on your way. The velcro allows the barbell pad to be fixed to the barbell securely and removed easily after use.

Train in comfort and style with the Force USA Barbell Pad.

  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Velcro Barbell Lock
  • High-Density Foam
  • Commercial Grade Vinyl
  • Length: 40cm
  • Diameter: 8.5cm


Weight 1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 41 × 11 × 11 cm


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