Harbinger ErgoFit Barbell Pad

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    • Closed cell foam with external skin helps the bar to maintain its shape under the heaviest of loads
    • Fits Olympic and standard bars
    • Constructed with high-density foam that offers better support and durability
    • Lightweight and easy to slide on/off the bar
    • Easy to clean with soap and water

Product Description

Take your lifting to the next level with the Harbinger Ergofit Bar Pad. The bar is ergonomically designed to fit pressure areas around your neck, shoulders and back. The high-density foam design makes the bar more durable and able to withstand the heavy loads you’ll be putting on it.The contoured shape helps the equalise weight distribution and helps you to maintain proper lifting form.


Weight 2.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions 25 × 22 × 25 cm


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