Infiniti Gripz Supinate Close Grip Handle




$109.95 Including GST


With Infiniti Gripz, you can focus on those big powerful back muscles and worry less about your grip strength fatiguing.  Infiniti Gripz keep your hand in a more neutral state spreading the load over the hand more giving you a stronger position to work your back more freely. With a neoprene dipped handle, they are super comfy on your hands. The Infiniti Gripz Supinate Close Grip Handle is great for a close grip pull down or even a bit of variety on your seated row.

Please note, Infiniti Gripz require a 10mm snap link, so be sure to add one of these to your cart as most cable machines use 8mm.


Weight 3 kg
Shipping Dimensions 33 × 17 × 10 cm


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