Infiniti Super Bands – 41″ Loop Band – 5 pack




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Whether it is for monster walks, resisted push ups, assisted chins, or squat thrusters, there is a band to suit everyone’s use! Infiniti Super bands are the ultimate 41″ loop band in quality and performance.

Product Description

Infiniti Super Bands are the best quality 41″ loop bands on the market. Whether using them for assisted chins, resisted pushups, monster walks or squat thrusters these bands kill it! Made with a single piece moulded construction, these bands are built to last the most intense workouts whether at home or a commercial gym. Whether for negative resistance, rehab, speed/agility, there is a band and resistance to suit your needs.

Resistance on the Super Bands is as follows:

  • 1 x Light Band (Yellow) 2 – 5kgs
  • 1 x Light-Medium Band (Red) 7 – 12kgs
  • 1 x Medium Band (Black) 22 -34Kgs
  • 1 x Medium-Heavy Band (Purple) 45 – 55Kgs
  • 1 x Heavy Band (Green) 55 -80kgs

All bands are 104cm long & 4.5mm thick. The 5 pack includes one of each colour: yellow, red, black, purple & green.


Weight 2 kg
Shipping Dimensions 24 × 10 × 6.5 cm

Yellow 6mm, Red 12mm, Black 20mm, Purple 32mm, Green 45mm


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