PTP MicroBandX 3 Pack V2




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Total body workout solution: increase muscular strength and joint stability in your upper and lower body with this 3 unit pack of microband x including light, medium & heavy bands.

Product Description

This special combo pack contains 3 resistance levels – Light, Medium and Heavy, designed for all fitness levels and goals. Featuring innovative “Reactiv-Knit”, the MicroBandX is designed to strengthen your hips, glutes, legs and shoulders without curling up or sticking together. It can be machine-washed to prevent perspiration build-up and bacteria growth.

– Ideal for strengthening glutes, hips, legs and shoulders
– Weight rating featured on bands for convenience
– User-friendly poster to maximise results (30+ exercises)
– Made from premium combined natural latex for optimal comfort and durability
– Includes small carry bag for easy transport and storage

LOWER BODY STRENGTH & STABILITY: Effectively recruit your lower body muscles, building the necessary strength to better support your joints and reduce your risk of injury.

GLUTES, HIPS, QUADS & HAMSTRINGS: Activate your glute/hip complex and increase power in your legs with resisted squats, hip abductions /adductions, leg extensions and more.


Weight 1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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