Punch AAA Freestanding Boxing Bag




$899.00 Including GST


  •  Designed for commercial training environments
  •  AAA Grade product – 1 year warranty upgradeable to 2 years with online registration
  •  Welded steel pole & 4 strut structure for supreme durability & unrivalled stability ( 175cm high )
  •  Engineered with a foam-lined base which can be struck with leg kicks!
  •  Thick foam padded top section for all your boxing & kickboxing needs
  •  Requires approx. 6 x 20kg sandbags in base ( Sandbags not included )
  •  Ripstop commercial grade tarpaulin casing designed for durability
  •  A fantastic option for those who cannot install a hanging boxing bag


Product Description


The PUNCH AAA Free Standing Boxing Bag is the perfect free-standing boxing bag for heavy training environments like commercial gyms, fight gyms or even just your home gym.

Our free-standing bag is an ideal solution for at home training with the bag being able to be placed anywhere & requires no fixing, drilling or mounting!

The PUNCH AAA Free Standing Boxing Bag is foam-lined from top to bottom ensuring you can kick the base where normal freestanding boxing bags typically have plastic bases that can cause injury when accidentally kicked.

Total height is approximately 175cm tall & weighs approx 28kg not filled.


The bag comes in 1 box but is 2 pieces inside – the base with galvanised welded pole and the top with heavy ripstop tarpaulin and memory foam. It requires 6 x 20kg sand bags to fill the base and keep it weighted down.

To do this, start by sliding the top pad up and off the pole. Once removed simply remove the base cover by releasing the hook & loop Velcro and then sliding this and the foam pad underneath it up and off the pole.

We recommend using 6 x 20kg sand bags (you can pick these up at Bunnings in the cement section). If you want to make your life easy in the future, we recommend keeping the sand in the plastic bag so if you ever need to move it, you simply lift these bags out. You will need to shape the bags when putting them in as it is a tight fit! 4 bags go vertically between the 4 struts – shape this to make them as thin as possible and  pack them down. The final 2 bags lie flat on top and shape around the pole.

All you need to do now is pop the foam pad and Velcro cover back on, slide the top pad on and you are ready to rumble!


Weight 28 kg
Shipping Dimensions 150 × 60 × 60 cm


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