Punch Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves




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  •  The Boxing Glove for Muay Thai!
  •  Developed for Muay Thai specialists
  •  Purposely designed for Muay Thai sparring protection
  •  Lined with ‘Punchcool’ linings for sweat resistance & heavy satin for an incredibly comfortable hand fit
  •  Added dual roller wrist bars & added palm pillowing to lower the risk of injury when striking & blocking strikes

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Product Description

Why choose Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves?

The Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are specially designed for Muay Thai training and have a range of features to take protection and comfort to the next level.

Defend yourself more efficiently from incoming strikes with the Black Diamond™ Double Roll Bar wrist padding. This Dual Pillow Padding allows the wearer to withstand more impact from incoming punches, kicks, knees and more to aid in the prevention of injuries. The added Punch Pillow Palms also provides a more comfortable, clenched fist when striking.

The Black Diamond™ Muay Thai gloves come in 12oz and 16oz. It is a flagship glove for sparring and also sports specific as it’s the ideal glove for Muay Thai sparring. Punch® Equipment have laid padded rolls down the wrist allowing you to take heavy shin kicks and block knees with ease compared to a typical boxing glove.

The Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are beautifully constructed with orange satin linings inside for an extremely comfortable hand fit and 3 inches Full Hook and Loop Wrist Wrap for added wrist stability.

Best features

  • AAA Rated
  • Deluxe Pillow Palms
  • Double Roll Bar Wrist Impact Padding
  • Solid Hook & Loop Closure
  • Fully Attached Thumbs
  • Leather Casing with Plush finish extra thick orange contrast stitching
  • Satin feel Punchcool® lining for an extremely comfortable hand fit


Weight 1.1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 40 × 16 × 17 cm

12oz, 16oz


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