Punch Leather Pocket Rockets Pads

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Product Description

The Pocket Rocket Focus Pads are an ideal pair of focus pads for boxing coaches in need of a weightless boxing pad for quick, speed and accuracy based combination work.
This focus pad is intentionally scalloped to assist catching with the smaller sized, precision target face, giving the boxer and pad holder crisp feedback from accurate shots.
It’s smaller shaping lets both users know if a punch is thrown and caught in the perfect spot.
With a smaller target face, boxing skills such as punching accuracy, hand-eye co-ordination, punching speed, foot and body movement will drastically improve.

Material Commercial Enduro
Padding Foam
Features AAA Rated, Lightweight
Colour Black
Sizes One Size


Weight 0.48 kg
Shipping Dimensions 23 × 18.5 × 15.5 cm


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