Blackroll Flow Mini Foam Roller




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Pain relief that fits in  your pocket! Super small, super hard, super satisfying!


We're sorry - this product is either no longer in stock, or has been discontinued.

Product Description

The Blackroll Flow Mini foam roller has all the benefits of the Standard Mini roller but with a unique pattern that gives you smooth rolling in one direction and an active stimulation on the hard edge. Still pocket sized, still gets into the nooks and crannies! We recommend using on feet, shins, shoulders, neck, forearms and more. Ultra lightweight at well under 100 grams and a mere 15cm x 5.3cm, the Blackroll mini can sit in your pocket, handbag or workout bag at all times! 100% made in Germany, it is certain to pass the test of time.


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Shipping Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6 cm


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