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It’s difficult to imagine a day in our lives where we don’t use our hands. We take them for granted until something goes wrong in the wrist, forearm or hand itself. This is where the Theraband Flex Bar comes in handy.

Fantastic for guitarists, fisherman, mouse/computer operation, mechanics, cyclists and pretty much anyone who relies on their hands to get things done. It works by targeting weakened, tight muscles in a range of movements they would not be normally taken through. This achieves a more balanced musculature of the arm and muscles supporting the wrist and fingers.

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Product Description

Pain Relief

This twist bar is made for stretching the upper extremities to help reduce muscle soreness and joint pain. When recovering from elbow injuries or surgery, it can be nearly impossible to find the right tools with so many splints, bands, braces, and straps available. Stop trying remedies that won’t work and choose the THERABAND FlexBar, which is backed by clinical research, for your rehabilitation experience.

Muscle Strengthening

The THERABAND FlexBar can be used for forearm and grip strengthening exercises that tone and build muscles. Clinically proven to increase the strength of tendons by 72% for tennis elbow patients, this is the perfect hand grip trainer for recovering from epicondylitis and regaining full strength.

A FlexBar for Every Need

FlexBars come in four resistance levels so there’s one for any workout need. The low resistances make great hand grippers and wrist strengtheners for hand grip training and wrist injury rehab. The upper levels are ideal for tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow pain relief.

Resistance Guide

  • Yellow Flexbar: 1-3/8″ diameter, requires 6 lbs. of force to bend in a U-shape
  • Red Flexbar: 1-1/2″ diameter, requires 10 lbs. of force to bend in a U-shape
  • Green Flexbar: 1-3/4″ diameter, requires 15 lbs. of force to bend in a U-shape
  • Blue Flexbar: 2″ diameter, requires 25 lbs. of force to bend in a U-shape


Weight 0.4 kg
Shipping Dimensions 31 × 5 × 5 cm


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